Meet the Group of 10

10 individuals speaking out

Dr Lindie Koorts

Historian and biographer

Dr Lindie Koorts is affiliated to the University of the Free State. Her book, DF Malan and the Rise of Afrikaner Nationalism (2014) was the first biography of an apartheid premier to have been published after 1994 and was shortlisted for a number of foremost non-fiction awards. Her research has given her a sharp focus on the intertwinement of Afrikaner nationalism and identity, race, and the establishment of apartheid. She is a regular columnist for Beeld, in which she writes on the relationship between historical insight and current affairs.

Dawie Jacobs

Retired diplomat

Dawie Jacobs is a retired diplomat. After completing his legal studies at the Universities of Potchefstroom and the Free State, he worked for the Department of Justice. In 1976, he became the secretary of the Cillié Commission of Inquiry into the Soweto Riots, which brought him into close contact with its devastating aftermath. In 1978, he joined the diplomatic services, working as a diplomat and ambassador in several countries. In 1988, while posted in Germany, he founded and spearheaded the German Society for the Upliftment of Previously Disadvantaged Black Communities in Southern Africa. He continued to serve as an ambassador in the post-apartheid dispensation, and in 2004, he was seconded from the Department of Foreign Affairs to the “Early Warning Centre” in former President Thabo Mbeki’s office, where he served as a director. He retired in 2012.

Barend la Grange

COO of South Africa Day

Barend La Grange is the Chief Operating Officer of the registered non-profit organization, South Africa Day, an initiative to promote nation-building and a better future. The aim is to inspire all people of the country to participate in building a better South Africa and in creating new optimism for the future of the country. This initiative creates a platform for citizens, business, and government to work together to achieve these goals.

Foeta Krige

Retired journalist

Foeta Krige is a veteran journalist with 37 years’ experience in print media, television and radio. In 2016, as part of a group of journalists called the SABC8, he won the Nat Nakasa Award for courageous and brave journalism, as well as the Chairman’s Guardian of Governance Award in 2017 from the Institute of Internal Auditors South Africa. Before his retirement in 2019, he was the executive producer of the current affairs programmes of the SABC’s Afrikaans radio station, RSG.

Willie Esterhuyse

Emeritus professor

Emeritus Professor Willie Esterhuyse is an Afrikaans speaking African in Africa, and a philosopher, who spent most of his academic career at the University of Stellenbosch. He was involved in the secret talks between the ANC and the NP during the final days of apartheid. He now serves as a member of the Advisory Council of the Thabo Mbeki Foundation.

Cobus Bester

Retired Radio Journalist

Cobus Bester is a journalist, producer and presenter with more than 40 years experience in radio and television. He was economics editor of SABC Radio News for six years before becoming the presenter of Monitor, the morning current affairs programme on RSG. He retired from the SABC in 2015, but is still active in various areas of broadcasting.

Wannie Carstens

Retired Academic

Prof Wannie Carstens is a retired academic (professor of Afrikaans linguistics) at the NWU in Potchefstroom. During his career he was in management positions at several Afrikaans organizations, e.g. as former chair of the SA Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns (SA Academy of Science and Arts). He has always strived for reconciliation, restoration and justice and therefore his involvement in the process that led to the establishment of the Afrikaans Language Council (ATR) is one of the great joys of his life. He is the author or co-author of six academic books, the latest of which is Die Storie van Afrikaans, deel 2 (2019). His co-editorship of Ons kom van vêr (We come from afar)(2016, 2019), a book about the contribution of the coloured Afrikaans-speaking community to the development of Afrikaans, remains a highlight in his career.

Truida Prekel


As an innovation and change catalyst, Truida facilitates creative problem-solving and collaboration in business, education and government. She also works in communication, intercultural understanding, gender and inclusivity. She has been involved in various non-profit organisations and community initiatives over the past 50 years, often as co-founder or director – mainly in education (Project Literacy, MIAGI, Studytrust) and gender matters (Business Women’s Association, Women’s Bureau of South Africa, Women’s
National Coalition, Womanpower). In Safer Together, she works with others to promote safety,
security and “togetherness” in the diverse communities in greater Muizenberg, Cape Town. She pioneered work on developing the managerial potential of South African women in the 1970s,
with a dissertation for her Master of Business Leadership at UNISA. She was on the staff of UNISA
SBL for 17 years.

Ferdi Engelbrecht


Ferdi Engelbrecht is a husband, a father of three, and a proud South African. He is a businessman, and the founder of the Privilege Foundation, which liaises with local community leaders to provide a feeding scheme, a school preparation programme and a homework centre for nursery and primary school-aged children in North West.

André Bartlett


André Bartlett is the pastor of the Dutch Reformed Church Johannesburg. He is the head of the Centre for The Development of Ministry in the Faculty of Theology and Religion at the University of Pretoria. He serves as moderator of the Highveld Synod in the moderamen of the General Synod of the Dutch Reformed Church, and is also a member of the National Executive Committee of the South African Council of Churches. 

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